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Overcoming Five Common Obstacles to Meditation

Overcome These Five Common Obstacles to Meditation

stahl obstacles

Working with the wandering mind is challenging. Here’s why you’re having trouble meditating and a practice to renew your motivation.

By Bob Stahl and Steve Flowers | June 3, 2016

It is absolutely normal to experience some challenges when practicing mindfulness meditation. Your mind will wander; this happens to everyone. Since you’ve begun practicing mindfulness with the approaches earlier in the book, there’s no doubt that you’ve already experienced this. Your mind can be just like the weather often is—changing all the time. You’ve probably noticed that you tend to get lost in memories or thoughts about the future, even in everyday life. For example, when eating breakfast you might be planning the day ahead or remembering the past, whether marveling at how wonderful last weekend was or how painful that interaction was that you had with your spouse last night

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The Key to Productivity? Do Nothing

Your brain needs time to get nothing done.


Doing Nothing

“How are you doing?”

Do you frequently answer that question by saying something like, “Real good, real busy”? There’s a subtle implication that we are good because we are busy. Is that true? Some very compelling research suggests the opposite.

We all have peaks and valleys of energy and productivity, what the renowned psychologist and sleep researcher Nathaniel Kleitman called circadian (daily) and ultradian (shorter, sometimes hourly) rhythms. Paying attention to when we’re most energized and alert, as well as when we need to take a mental break, allows us to do our best work.

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How Happy Brains Respond To Negativ Things

brain GGSC

Recent research provides a whole new understanding of the brain's amygdala—and suggests that happy people take the bad with the good.
By Summer Allen and Jeremy Adam Smith | March 29, 2016

You drop a glass while making breakfast. You get stuck in traffic on your way to work. Your boss yells at you for being late. Congratulations! You’re having a bad morning. It happens to everyone, at one time or another. But how we react to the bad things in life reveals a lot about our brains.

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Wat is Mindfulness?

"Mindfulness ontstaat door bewust aandacht te schenken, in het huidige moment, met compassie en open en niet-oordelende nieuwsgierigheid. Door het ontwikkelen van deze vorm van aandacht, kunnen we een manier van leven ontdekken die uitnodigt om in het hier en nu te blijven. Zodoende verliezen we ons minder (snel) in het 'herkauwen' van wat geweest is en onze eindeloze tendens om ons zorgen te maken over de toekomst.''

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Kom ik in aanmerking voor een vergoeding?

zorgwijzerBij een zorgverzekering met aanvullende dekking heb je bij sommige verzekeraars recht op vergoeding van de kosten die een mindfulness-training met zich meebrengt. Dit gebeurt onder de noemer alternatieve geneeswijzen, preventieve cursussen, psychologische hulp of psychosociale hulp.

Kijk hier of je zorgverzekeraar een vergoeding biedt.

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